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Join the Fight

The war against hate

We are fighting against the spread of hate against Israel with the click of a button! We’ve all been enlisted to fight against antisemitism, and to protect Israel from fake news on the internet. 


These days, social networks have become the site of more conflicts since they’re hosting an immense amount of accounts of violence, lies, and antisemitism. Posts filled with hate are being shared with the world and we must fight against them with all of our strength in order to get them removed as quickly as possible. We need your help!

Join us now in the fight against hate by donating a few minutes each day of reporting posts with the bot that we built, or by using the databases in your activist groups. 

Help block users & posts against Israel

?How can I help

Join our Telegram Bot that will send you posts to block & report one by one based on your preferences, or join one of our communities in Whatsapp or Telegram groups.


Organizations and Communities

Join the largest database of harmful posts and accounts against Israel

Whether you have a group that collects materials, helps block users or both - you can benefit from our large database. 

The database is updated on a daily basis by automatically scanning the networks alongside manual reports from thousands of users. All collected materials are verified and sorted by a team of call center operators.

To use or contribute to the database or any other collaboration, please fill out the contact form or write to us in the chat

Who are we?

During the fighting, we formed several groups which shared a common goal of growing stronger together. A new project was born out of this collaboration in pursuit of making the database accessible to anyone. This includes individuals and organizations, in order to win this war against online hate.

The bot

Our bot will help you join the fight online for as much time as you want each day. Connect with the bot and it will send you links to hostile posts on a variety of platforms to report at your convenience. 

'Closing their accounts' Group

This Telegram community has thousands of users and has already managed to block dozens of posts and users on Twitter and other networks. 

Israel advocacy group

This community supports discourse in favor of Israel and reports and removes incitements of violence against Israel. This community has thousands of users and consists mainly of WhatsApp groups where reports are made.

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